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What makes a Good photographer?

We live in a world where photos can be taken any time we want with just a click of a button, and we don’t even have to wait for the film to get processed to see the photos. Previously very few people had access to camera and photographs were taken only during a special occasion, and it was such a privilege of having your picture taken. But those days are gone; technology has brought in the possibility where everyone has the opportunity to click a picture of anything in this world. But just because a person has a camera in his/her hand, it does not make them a photographer.

We quite often see people carrying a camera in their hands claiming to be a photographer and posting photoshopped pictures on social media to gain popularity. In today’s world, there is always a crowd to cheer for even the dumbest thing you do. Do not become one among them and try to understand that photography is an art which has to be mastered.

So what makes a good photographer?

Being Prepared:

As a photographer, you need always to be prepared to capture the perfect picture. Sometimes you need to capture the moment to grasp the essence of the emotions. Other times, you just have to make sure that you have your batteries recharged at the right time. A good photographer would always anticipate a moment and try to capture it. A photographer must be able to capture his/her vision and at the same time be adaptable to new things.

Light: The Key Ingredient

A photo is all about capturing light in the form of a story. If there is light, then there would never be any photos. A good photographer must know how to produce the correct lightings for his picture. You need to know how to control and conquer the light to get a good photo.

Being curious:

Being curious about something will make you stop for a moment and take a picture. Sometimes, photography is not a planned task, there are certain things which appear unexpectedly, and you need to make sure that you are ready to take the picture at the perfect moment. When you are curious about something, you tend to invest your time and energy on it and thus create something which is both special and unique.


Photographers are required to be efficient. If you happen to earn a living out of photography, you need to know how to handle your business and capture moments at the same time. If you mess up, you will lose your clients. You need to be prepared for any situation, and you should know how you need to act when something goes wrong.

Nobody becomes a perfect photographer in just a few days; one needs to learn various techniques and have the passion for capturing light in a way that it would tell stories.

Portrait Photography Tips

Portraits are one of the most common types of photography out there. If you happen to be a photographer, you will be asked by your friends and family to capture a portrait picture of theirs. When it comes to taking portrait pictures, there is always something new to learn and a new face to capture. The following are some of the tips for taking a portrait photo:

Most of the photographers try to capture the portraits at the eye level of the person. You can put a little more creativity in this and change the angle of the picture. You can do this by getting up high on a platform or getting close to the ground from where you will be able to shoot the subject at a particular angle.

Use wide aperture:

Choosing a wide aperture for a portrait will let you capture the depth of field, and the background will get blurred in a way that your subject will stand out better.

Adjust your shutter speed:

When you set the shutter speed in your camera, make sure that you do not end up disturbing the focal length of the lens in a way that you will end up with blurred images. You need to ensure that your shutter speed is always higher than your focal length. You can also get away with slower shutter speed by using a lens with a wide angle. But this will not be of much help if you do not have a still subject. If your subject happens to be a little child who tends to move around you can use an anti-shake system.

One of the worst things about a portrait is to capture your subject when their eyes are half closed. It is normal for people to blink a lot or change their facial expressions when a picture is taken, and you might often find yourself capture a picture when the subject has closed their eyes to avoid this, you need to increase your shutter speed, and this gives you a sharp shot.

Choose your lens wisely:

The way you choose your lens provides a great impact on your portraits. If you want your picture to have a visual effect, you need to select a lens with a wide angle. When you shoot the subject from a lower angle, your subject will appear to be much taller than they actually are. When your model is the main subject of your photo, then you need to choose a medium telephoto with 85mm or 105mm. In these shots, you always need to make sure of what is present in the background of the subject. To create stunning portraits you will have to choose a telephoto lens of 70 to 200mm; this lens will help you to zoom into the subject and help you to focus better.

Characteristics of Great Photos

A photograph is taken to capture special moments which can be remembered and cherished in the future. There are certain photos which we tend to stare for several minutes, and there are other photos which simply put a smile on our face. You might have noticed yourself looking at an entirely new picture and you might not even know the people in that photo but that picture would cheer you up, and it will make you ponder upon that picture for a while. A good photo must capture both hearts and eyes, and the following are some of the good characteristics of a great picture:

Emotions need to be caught:

As humans, we always want to remember the emotions of our loved ones so that we can cherish them in the long run. A good photo is one which captures such special emotions. Most of us smile for a picture but if a picture is taken when you happen to be smiling for another reason, the whole essence of the picture changes. You will be able to see more life and energy in that photo.

Stories must be told:

One can describe a photo as light being captured in a box to tell a story. Every photo tells a story about something. It is left to the viewer to imagine the story behind the picture. Certain photos might just be of a child smiling, but it speaks a thousand words. Your photos must be in such a way that it freezes the moment.


Just like how a book is always better than the movies as it is filled with your imagination, capture an image which will make your play with the creativity of your viewers. Always leave some for the imagination, for example, if you are on a wedding shoot, try to capture the moment when the bride throws the bouquet and make sure that you capture the moment when the bouquet is in the air. A picture like this would show bring out the emotions and leaves the rest to the imagination.

Uniqueness needs to be presented:

Your photograph needs to be unique so that it will grab the attention of the viewer. Instead of shooting the same old shots, you can try to be imaginative and try to capture shots which would never be captured by others. Your picture must contain something which is not so common.

Lighting should describe the picture:

There wouldn’t be a picture without light. Light is something which brings life to a photograph. If you happen to have good lighting then even a dull and mundane place can look good. You cannot control the light that you find in nature, all you can do is be at the right time at the right place, but you can control the lightings of the camera and flashes. You can also provide artificial lights to enhance the texture and colour of your photo.


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